Horses as Mentors 

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me , I may remember, Involve me and I learn"


   Horses are highly sensitive and are exceptional at reading body language.  Sensing the emotional state of those around them comes naturally to horses due to their herd and prey instincts. The response of the horse is immediate feedback that mirrors our state of mind. This observational method of learning teaches participants to become aware of the horses feedback and learn how to apply it. 

  Facilitators are eagala certified along with their other educational and professional experience. The eagala therapy model is 100% ground based, no riding.  This model is a team approach which consists of a mental health professional  (MH), an equine specialist (ES), trained therapy horses and the participants(s).   A plan for goals is established by the  team which guides the planning of activities. 



  During activities,the horses are unrestrained and free to interact with the same level of spontaneity as the people. Engaging in activities that have this variable leads to creative problem solving. Activities in the arena demonstrate patterns which may or may not be beneficial and often spark new strategies unique to participants that carry into their daily navigation of life.

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  Horses do not judge , which provides 

an emotionally safe place  for a person to express thoughts and ideas about themselves and challenges openly. Observations discussed are centered around the horses behavior there fore eliminating the stress of feeling defensive.