Horses as Mentors 

"Tell me and I forget, Teach me , I may remember, Involve me and I learn"

​Equine Assisted Personal development can be achieved through a variety of activities where horses are directly involved with our learning process.​​ It has been stated by experts that 80% of learning is non verbal.   Equine activities are hands on and experiential, therefore the processing of new skills takes place on many levels of our thinking. Horses are highly sensitive, exceptional at reading body language and sensing the emotional state of those around them. This comes naturally to horses due to their herd and prey instincts. They are mostly non verbal in their communication which presents us with circumstances to explore our own non verbal responses. This observational method teaches participants to become aware of the horses, leading to develop skills that has one understand and control their own behaviors for the benefit of relationship with themselves and others.

​Therapeutic Riding

​EAGALA Counseling

​Growth and Learning

​Miniature Therapy       Horse Program

Arise Ranch offers multiple choices of opportunities to develop a range of skills both in horsemanship along with personal growth and learning. The physical and emotional benefits are achieved are just the beginning of the journey. 

Horses are powerful, operate in the moment,are honest and control themselves in non predatory ways. They live in the moment giving real, honest and present communication that invites us to become emerged in the world view of the herd .