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The eagala model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) is ground based Experiential Learning.  This treatment is a team approach comprised of the client(s),the horse(s),a mental health  professional and an Equine Specialist  working together in an arena to acheive goals.  One hour Psychotherapy sessions are $175 individual and $200 Family.  Groups are priced by number of participants and number of  weekly sessions. 

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Equine Assisted Counseling takes participants out of the traditional office setting into an environment where the horses are the focus that leads to discovering solutions to life's challenges.

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Services

   Horses are highly sensitive and are exceptional at reading body language.  Sensing the emotional state of those around them comes naturally to horses due to their herd and prey instincts. The response of the horse is immediate feedback that mirrors our state of mind. This observational method of learning teaches participants to become aware of the horses feedback and learn how to apply it.  paragraph here. 


Counseling  for Individuals, Families and Groups