Immerse your team into the world of Equine Facilitated Leadership. Lessons from the herd bring business communications and negotiations to a new level of awareness. Horses non judgemental, honest responses give everyone from the CEO to the entry position employee a perspective on themselves and the ways in which our behavior can change the way we operate in the business environment. Enhanced awareness brings empowerment and motivation for fresh ideas in problem solving within the organization and with customers.

     Arise Equine Therapy provides counseling applying the eagala model of Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP).    This is an experiential (hands on)  Team approach comprised of the Client(s),the Horse(s),a Mental Health  Professional and an Equine Specialist  working together in an arena to achieve the treatment goals. ​ Experiential Therapy is proven to effective, shorter term, treatment option for youth, adults, families and groups. 



Equine Assisted Counseling takes participants out of the traditional office setting into an environment where the horses are the focus that leads to discovering solutions to life's challenges.

Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Services

Counseling  for Individuals, Families and Groups 

Eagala is the global standard.Founded in 1999, the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (Eagala) is the leading international nonprofit association for professionals incorporating horses to address mental health and personal development needs. With over 2,500 certified members in over 40 countries, we set the global standard in the world of equine-assisted psychotherapy due to a strict commitment to standards, a code of ethics, continuing education, and a replicable framework.

Workshops are customized to achieve the goals chosen by the organization. Pricing varies by size of group and duration of workshop. Contact for an initial consulting meeting to create the growth and learning experience unique to your team.  314-474-9400

​Miniature Therapy Horse Program

​Growth and Learning Coaching for Professional Goals

Arise Equine Therapy Herd includes Miniature Horse Mentors that take therapeutic services to schools, care facilities, work places or anywhere that touch therapy can benefit. Visits are customized to reinforce curriculum or goals of the organization hosting the visit. Our miniature handling team will accompany the miniature horses and ensure an enjoyable, memorable experience. 

Visits are 2 hours in duration for 2 miniature horse/handler teams at a cost of $250

Contact for questions & scheduling 314-474-9400